Willow Quartet coming to Imperial Theatre

The Show with David Burrows #272

Opening Segment:
City of Sarnia first council meeting for 2017.

The Entertainment Scene:
Theatre Sarnia prepares for ‘Willow Quartet’ Director Jay Peckham shares the plot. Peckham also talks about the performance being the entry for the WODL. www.imperialtheatre.net

In The Community:
The Cinderella Story. Debbie Anderson in cooperation with many volunteers, has assisted many young women over 8 years to enjoy graduation and prom. What started as a fairytale has become reality. www.cinderellastory.org

Closing Segment:
RIBFEST 2017 returns to Hiawatha Horse Park
Northern Heat Rib Series and TVSN have once again partnered to bring the traditional event back to Sarnia.

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