Winter blast is here for the weekend, will be gone again next week

After what's been nothing less than one of the mildest winters on record, old man winter has finally hit us this weekend, blasting the whole region with arctic temperatures, snow squalls, snow-covered roads, and blowing snow.

Environment Canada told us it was coming with days notice, but in light of how hospitable winter's been this year a lot of people were likely unprepared for the arctic bell ringer the area experienced since Friday.

Feb. 10 officially marked the first real snow storm for Sarnia-Lambton this season and, albeit off and on, winter's wrath has been relentless complete with icy roads and below freezing temperatures over the past three days.

Despite the best efforts from snow removal crews working around the clock since the blast hit, many roads in Sarnia as well as Lambton County and Highway 402 have steadfastly remained slippery and difficult to navigate at times.

Today, according to Environment Canada, conditions will start to improve and temperatures will slowly rise and stay above zero late into the week.

Sarnia Police are reminding motorists that with the winter season upon us, they need to be prepared and mindful of safety tips for making driving easier and less stressful.

  • Everyone, at times, must be prepared for the unpredictable weather in the region.  Having yourself ready as well as your vehicle will only enhance everyone's safety.
  • Speed must be adjusted to meet road conditions
  • Be alert; keep a safe distance from others
  • Leave yourself enough time to safely reach your destination
  • Clear your vehicle of all debris, including ice from your roof. It may slide off and obstruct your view or it may come off and strike other vehicles or pedestrians
  • Ensure all windows and mirrors are clear of snow and ice leaving clear visibility
  • Is your vehicle ready for the winter?  Tires, fluids, wipers.  Ensure things in proper working order
  • Are you ready?  Do you have a blanket in the car? A small shovel? A travel bag for unexpected stays?
  • Know Before You Go – be aware of road conditions, weather forecasts and route restrictions

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