With a rich family heritage of entrepreneurialism, Kathleen Mundy has taken her career one giant leap forward

Now the owner of several area Little Caesars restaurants, she continues to set a high bar for achievement

Kathleen Mundy has certainly made her mark in the community, having built a career from the ground up and taken it to heights even she may not have foreseen from her beginnings growing up in Petrolia.

What may be part of her story is having a grandfather who ran his own business, running a school bus company.

And, as she recalls in our conversation, having grandparents who immigrated from Ireland may also have factored into her DNA.

Even so, Kathleen admits her first business, at the age of 21, was a complete failure—a “one stop” bridal shop that was most likely ahead of her time.

Real estate came later, one reason being her son (just 18 at the time) needed (his mother thought) to have someone to keep him on track through the educational process.

Her son ended up going into another field while Kathleen became a successful Realtor.

Even that road had an eventual detour and Kathleen found herself being a single parent with the responsibilities that go along with putting one of her daughters through university.

As she tells it, grabbing a somewhat unique opportunity to enter the Little Caesars pizza business, with one store but big plans, helped make much of what follows possible.

One of the more interesting parts of the story is how she “bootstrapped” the expansion operation, an especially important necessity given how she was treated by more than one bank.

And maybe that’s another aspect of what makes Kathleen Mundy “tick”—the perseverance that has made her a model entrepreneur and even a member of the Board of Directors for the Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce.

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