The wonder of a vacation—and why it’s so important

Nearly five years without carrying work with me, the week past was ‘blocked off’

I admit, it’s been “quiet” on Lambton Shield for the past week or so, but I’m back—and refreshed.

It was just a few months ago that I had the conversation with family around the need for some time off, but not like other trips that were taken with laptop in hand and periodic work projects taking precedence over just decompressing and relaxing.

In other words, the kind of thing “normal” people do when they take time off (vacation) from work.

This time was different. It was a challenge, certainly, but I knew in my heart that without the time away from everything that drives/consumes most days (and weekends if I’m honest), there really wouldn’t be any point.

So I promised myself: no work.

Which also meant “no Lambton Shield.”

Some day, when the publication grows (which I’m confident that it will), there will be others to take up the slack and make sure there is fresh content that has continued to drive interest. Thank you by the way for being patient.

But this past week was one where knowing that I was able to relax made all the difference in the world.

An anchor activity on our trip to North Bay, where good friends live, was a canoe trip organized by the Friends of La Vase Portages, a route that involved (as the name would suggest) a bit of walking (with canoes carried on our backs) and a lot of paddling.

Proving that this is, indeed, a small world, one of our paddlers was Vic Fedeli, MPP for Nipissing and now Ontario’s Minister of Finance.

Aside from meeting some wonderful folks and enjoying the great outdoors (and fighting off a few horseflies), it was simply the “do nothing” aspects of this vacation that provided a sense of rejuvenation.

Which was the point of it all.

J.D. Booth is at the front of the canoe. The photographer, Chris Mayne, was up to his thighs in water taking this shot—thanks Chris.

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