World Children’s Day recognized by Bluewater Health Foundation and Best Start Program

Children are a big part of everyone's lives. Maybe it is because you have your own child, you volunteer around children, or you are a child.

In 1989, the United Nations proposed a convention on the rights of the child to protect the rights of all children in the world.

There is a full list of rights for all children under the age of 18 and Canada agreed to the convention in 1991.

Now November 20 in almost every country in the world is World Children's Day to celebrate and remind everyone how important it is for children to have rights.

Sarnia's very own Bluewater Health Foundation is helping out in a very special way.

I spoke to Jennifer Black, the maternal infant child program manager, about the tradition at the hospital.

"For each child born on this day, on behalf of the Bluewater Health Foundation and the Best Start program from Community Health Services, will be receiving a uniquely designed blanket. This tradition has been going on for three years and is always very special to the families."

It is very special to have a day to recognize all children and Bluewater Health Foundation is doing their best to show appreciation.

Marcella Olivotta from the Best Start program gave me the details about the blankets.

"We order the blankets from an agency but Best Start designed the logo for them. Each blanket has the World Child Day logo and also has the charter of rights for children on it."

They will be coming in yellow, mint green and off white.

Other infants born around the day will also receive blankets but priority will be given to the babies born today.

The Bluewater Health Foundation is a treasure to have in our community and always come out giving.

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