A year after our first podcast, David Burrows talks about how he’s still making a difference

Bringing positive vibes to our community with 'live video' and connections that count

A year ago, when we first started Spotlight, we sat down with David Burrows, an internet broadcaster/entertainer who has set his own path when it comes to building up our community.

At that time, Burrows talked about his philosophy of life, how important it is to be positive in all he does, and some of the ways he’s putting technology to work in pursuit of those goals.

Now a year later, Lambton Shield editor J.D. Booth sat down with Burrows in something of a “reflective” conversation. We discovered how some things have changed and how Burrows is “repositioning” what he does to have even more positive impact on the community.

Listen to our conversation and please be sure to share with people in your network!

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