This year’s United Way campaign now at 80% of goal

Organizers of this year's campaign are urging previous donors who haven't yet done so to step forward

Children from the after school program at Boys and Girls Club take time from their homework and snack to pose for the United Way. The Boys and Girls Club located at the Kiwanis Community Centre at 180 College Ave. north in Sarnia receive a total of $88,222 from the United Way of Sarnia-Lambton to provide three programs to the community; the drop in program, the afterschool program, and the summer camp for children aged 5 – 18.

We have reached the 80% level of our $2M goal with $400,000 to go.

Clearly, we are in the later innings with just two weeks to go.  We do have a number of employee campaigns remaining, but we are not sure those results will be enough to get the finish line.  The 2018 campaign has lagged last year for most of the fall.

At this point in the campaign, we are urging everybody who has not yet given to the United Way campaign to please do so, especially those who have given in the past, but not yet this year.

As of this morning, we had 2,959 individuals and businesses pledge their financial support towards the United Way.  We believe we are going to need about 750 more donors to reach the same accomplishment we had last year.

We do have a number of employee campaigns still running including three more industrial campaigns plus many non-industrial, government and other retail businesses still running and we are hoping there will result in a quick upward spike in the campaign thermometer.

Fortunately, we have been able to do more employee presentations and we know the more we can talk to people about how their contributions are being used, the more likely they are to support the United Way.  Most people have heard of the United Way, and many can name an agency or two, but if we can talk to them about how exactly their contributions are used, then we see the results in the number of donors, and the increased donation totals.

One of the main concepts I like to stress is that we all want to shop local, eat local, and also donate local.

Yes, the money raised locally is used locally, but the United Way is much more than that.  Decisions are made locally, budgets are set locally and values and vision are also set locally by our 15 member volunteer Board of Directors.  One value that our Board holds very true is to keep our costs as low as possible.  As the only United Way in Canada to be members of the Better Business Bureau, we know that as much of people’s donations as possible is used for investment in local programs and services.

During the presentations, I like to point out the outcome measures of the 19 Funded Agencies and how we measure the effectiveness of the programs that they provide.

If you’d like a presentation on the United Way for your group, and hear how it operates in Sarnia-Lambton, or if you would like to donate, please call 519 336-5452 and email [email protected].

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